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The #1 rated Twitch banner maker in the industry.

Create your very own Twitch banner for free using our pre-made banner or upload your own.

Twitch Banner Maker + Templates What Is A Twitch Banner?

The #1 rated Twitch banner maker in the industry.

Create your very own banner for free, or browse our premium templates.

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What Is A Twitch Banner?

The profile banner sits across the top of your Twitch channel and is one of the first things viewers see as they enter your channel, whether you are online or offline.

The banner serves as an insight into your channel’s vibe, while still containing relevant information such as your channel name, social media and potential sponsors.

A beautiful banner sets you apart from the majority of streamers.

Twitch Banner Maker

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Our highest-quality banners. Comes with a source file so you can edit and add your own text & colors.

How To Use The Twitch Banner Maker

A quick breakdown of how to design a beautiful banner in minutes

Choose A Background Or Template

Start from scratch by choosing a background, customizing the colors and adding your own touch!

Need a bit of help? Choose a template to start with.

Add Your Username & Logo

Add some text, choose a font and write your username. Feel free to also upload your own logo to make the banner more personal!

Add Icons & Social Media

Add your social media icons & handles to ensure people can find you outside of Twitch.

Apply Final Touches & Download

Apply final touches and make sure everything looks good.
Once you’re happy with the result, go ahead and download your banner for free!

How To Upload Your Banner To Twitch

A guide walking you through step-by-step how to upload the banner to your channel


Head over to your creator dashboard, which you can find by clicking on your profile picture in the top right corner, then creator dashboard.


On the left-hand side of your screen, you should now see your dashboard. To open your channel settings, click on settings and then on channel.


Click on brand on the top of your screen and scroll down until you see your profile banner settings. 


Select custom and click upload. You’ll now be able to upload the custom banner that you have created. That’s it!

Where Is My Profile Banner Visible?

Since the update in spring of 2020, banners are now visible in multiple different places.

Desktop Profile

Desktop is still the most widely used in Twitch, which means this is where the majority will see your banner.

Mobile Profile

Mobile devices are becoming increasingly popular and unlike desktop, the whole banner is visible.

Subscription Feed

If a subscriber browses their sub feed, they will see your banner. Note that only the central part is visible.

Twitch Banner Size Guide

A step-by-step guide on how to upload your beautiful designs to your about me page

The best Twitch banner size is 1200 x 480, i.e. 1200px in width and 480px in height.

Considering the banner is visible in multiple different places, it needs to be the correct size in order to look good.

Also, make sure that the file size of your banner is under 10MB and either a JPEG or PNG.

What Makes A Great Twitch Banner?

How to make your banner stand out from the rest

Make It Personal

Keep in mind that your banner is one of the first things people see. Show your personality.

Add Socials

Add your socials so people can find you outside of Twitch as well.

Use Correct Sizing

Using the correct banner size is crucial, or else you will run into loads of issues.

Keep It Simple

If you don't have an eye for design, try to stay on the simple side and don't overcomplicate it.

Try to keep these ideas in mind while designing your own banner. Most importantly, make sure that the banner fits your channel vibe and brand.

Want to skip the headache and get an amazing banner for your stream? Check out our premium Twitch banners.

Twitch Banner Design Tips

A couple handy tricks you might want to keep in mind while using our banner maker

Add Your Socials

Do you have a streamer logo? Or possibly emotes? Adding your own images is a great way to make them more memorable and personalized.

Pro tip: Make sure your image is a transparent PNG for best results.

Stay True To Your Brand
Stay consistent with your fonts, colors and other assets to ensure your panels look clean & professional. No one wants to see a profile that looks like a circus (unless that’s your theme).

Keep It Simple

Browse our font selection and pick one that fits the theme of your channel.
Add Some Effects
Add glow to your title and possibly a shadow to your icon! Make sure to utilize our effects to add some flair to your panels.

Do I Really Need A Twitch Banner?

Yes, your channel needs a great banner. It’s one of the first things that viewers will see when they land on your channel, and it’s a great way to show your viewers what your channel is about.

Considering the fact that most streamers barely put any effort into their branding, you can be miles ahead by spending a little time on getting yourself a beautiful Twitch banner.

As a result, your channel will look a whole lot better and potential viewers will take you more seriously.

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