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Reward your subscribers with amazing Twitch badges, both free & premium!

Free Twitch Badges

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Twitch Sub Badges, Designed To Impress.

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Compatible. Always.

All badges are compatible with Twitch and YouTube.

Sketched By Expert Illustrators.

All badges are designed from scratch by our illustration team.

Downloads Are Instant.

Upon paying, you’ll immediately be able to download your badges. No waiting.

Optimized. Ready For Upload.

All badges come in 3 sizes (18px, 36px, 72px), ready for upload to Twitch.

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We’re the #1 Rated Sub Badge / Bit Badge store for streamers.

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We’re not messing around. New sub badges are added weekly.

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Hand-drawn, quality sub badges for 5$ or less. It doesn’t get much better.

Free Twitch Badges

We understand that not everyone can afford to splurge on sub badges and bit badges.

Maybe you’ve just started streaming and want something quick & easy. We got you. Check out our free sub badges above!

However, if you want to truly give back to those who support you, our premium custom badges is the way to go.

All premium packages come with a full satisfaction guarantee.

Premium Sub & Bit Badges

Custom, hand-drawn sub badges for 5$ or less.

Instead of working on separate badges here and there, we produce bundles that everyone can enjoy.

Each premium bundle includes a set of 6 badges that are designed to make your chat look beautiful.

No more money or time wasted with freelancers. With us, what you see is what you get.

Uploading Your Twitch Badges

A quick breakdown of how to upload your sub badges to Twitch.

Locate Your Loyalty Badge Settings

Head over to your creator dashboard and find preferences, then partner or affiliate. Scroll down to subscriptions and select loyalty badges.

Manage Your Loyalty Badges

You should now see your badge settings. This is where you’ll be able to upload them.

Upload Your Twitch Badges

Click the symbol and make sure to upload all three sizes each. Once all files are uploaded, click save changes.

How Do I Upload Twitch Bit Badges?

Locate Your Bit Badge Settings

First, locate your dashboard and click preferences, then partner or affiliate. Proceed to scroll down until you see bits tier badges.

Manage Your Bit Badges

You can now see where to edit and manage all your bit badges. 

Upload Your Bit Badges

All our badges also work as bit badges. Simply upload each size into the correct slot, and you’re good to go!

What Are Twitch Sub Badges?

Ever seen a beautiful badge near someone's username in chat?

When someone decides to subscribe to your channel, they receive a badge that is placed near their username in your chat.

The longer they have stayed subscribed, the more exclusive their badge will look. A subscribers badge will be upgraded every 3 months, 6 months, and so on…

By having great looking sub badges, you are rewarding your most loyal subscribers and thanking them for their support.


What Makes a Good Sub Badge?

Streaming is not easy. Great sub badges give you an edge over the competition and help you build a community.

Badges aren’t easy to nail. They have to fit your brand, stand out from the crowd and also be memorable.

Luckily, we have done the research and know exactly what works and what doesn’t. With us, you can shop knowing that your sub badges will be loved by everyone.

What Are Bit Badges?

Encourage your viewers to cheer bits for you!

When a viewer has used a certain amount of bits to cheer for you, they’ll receive a bit badge near their username in your channel’s chat.

The more bits someone donates/cheers, the more exclusive their bit badge will look.

By having amazing bit badges, you can encourage your viewers to use their bits to cheer for you.

How Do We Design Our Badges?

A quick behind-the-scenes look into how we design our bit / sub badge packages.

Idea Is Born

We get an idea for a theme, either from one of of you guys or from our artists. The idea is researched to make sure there is demand.

You can submit an idea here.

Feedback Loop

Once designed, each and every sub badge is shown to a small group of streamers for feedback.

We take all feedback into account and work on any possible changes.

Sketching & Designing

We have always valued quality over quantity, which is why all our Twitch badges are hand-sketched from scratch by our expert illustrators.

Published On Our Store

Once the badges have been tested and approved, they are published on our store.

All packages on our store have been through this process.

Where Should We Send The Download Link?

You will receive an extra download link to your email.