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Twitch Overlay Packages

Free & Premium Twitch Overlays For Your Channel

What Are Twitch Overlays?

Learn how you can make your stream look like the pros

A Twitch overlay is any type of graphic that is used to elevate your livestream, often portraying a certain theme or style through images and/or animation.

Stream overlays exist in a wide variety of different formats – they can be static (picture) or animated (video). By using our beautifully crafted overlays, you ensure that you stand out from other streamers and give your channel an identity. Overlays are not only for aesthetic purposes, they are also used to display relevant information to viewers, such as recent subs or your social media handles.

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How Do I Install My Overlay Pack?

Our overlays are optimized and very easy to work with, but we've got your back if you need help.

Streamlabs Setup

Our premium packages include a one-click setup file, meaning you can set up the entire package with Streamlabs in just one click! All you need to do is locate the .overlay file and save it to your desktop. Then proceed to open your Streamlabs settings and select scene collections. Then proceed to click import overlay file and locate the .overlay file you saved to your desktop. 

However, for our free stream packages, you’ll have to manually set up the scenes. This takes a bit more skill, but truly isn’t too complicated with a bit of help. First, select the scene to which you would like to add an overlay. If you don’t have any scenes yet, go ahead and create a scene by clicking on the plus button in the scenes section. In the sources section, go ahead and click on the plus icon to add a new source. Choose image source and locate the overlay you would like to add. Your overlay should now be visible on your screen, where you can move it around and place it wherever you want.

OBS Studio Setup

Manually adding your stream overlays to OBS Studio is not as complicated as you might think it is. It also gives you a lot of customization opportunities, so hang on tight while we explain how to add your favourite overlay pack to OBS Studio:

1. Create a scene by clicking the + icon near the scenes tab. If you have already created scenes, move on to the next step.

2. In the Sources tab, click the + icon to add a new source.

  • For static overlays, select image source.
  • For animated overlays, select media source.

3. Locate the overlay you want to add and click done.

4. Reposition and scale the overlay according to your preference!

Streamelements Setup

Streamelements is quickly gaining popularity among streamers, however most use it with either OBS Studio or Streamlabs as their main broadcast software.

If your primary broadcasting tool is OBS Studio, please check the instructions above for how to upload your overlays manually. 

If your primary broadcasting tool is Streamlabs, please check the instructions on the top about how to use our one-click setup to install your overlays in less than a minute, or alternatively how to manually upload your overlays.

How To Get Free Twitch Overlays

Just starting out and can't afford a premium pack? We've got you.

Look, we understand that not everyone might be able to afford a premium Twitch overlay pack. We want to do our best to support everyone, which is why we offer a wide selection of free overlays, emotes, badges, logos, etc!

All our free overlay packs are static and very easy to use. They are guaranteed to elevate your stream, but lack that little bit of flair you would be getting with a premium pack. However, if you’re just starting out and just want to test streaming, our free packs are perfect for you!

What Is A Twitch Overlay Pack?

Our overlay packs are all-inclusive bundles and include everything you need to stream on Twitch, Facebook & Youtube, in a single download. 

In order to see exactly what is included in a certain Twitch overlay pack, make sure to check the product description of that pack. However, below you’ll find what is generally included in all our premium stream overlay packs.

Premium Overlay Pack

Do I Need To Use Twitch Overlays?

You might not need to use stream overlays, but you'll definitely want to.

The truth is that streaming is extremely competitive. Using overlays gives your stream an identity and gives you a clear competitive advantage. Great overlays is often what separates an amateur-looking streamer from a pro. 

Overlays are not only for aesthetics though, they have many other important features:

By using overlays that allow you to showcase your top fans, such as your recent subs, top donation, and so on, you are incentivizing your viewers to take action and become part of your community. This is extremely important, especially if you’re early in your streaming journey.

Overlays are often used to display information about your channel, such as your social media handles or upcoming events. You can be extremely creative with this, allowing you to keep your viewers updated about your channel and community.

Overlays, especially animated, are extremely engaging and add a another layer of entertainment to your stream. A great overlay is engaging, but not distracting, allowing your viewers to focus on the most important thing, which is you. Some overlays will help you keep your chat engaged and even increase subscriptions.

Compatible with all major streaming platforms

How To Customize Your Twitch Overlays

We believe in customizability, meaning every package is customizable to a certain degree.

The best way to customize a Twitch overlay pack is to open the source file with a free design software (such as photopea) and proceed to edit the text, color and layout to perfection. 

However, we understand that not everyone is capable of using these editing softwares, which is why we try to deliver as many versions as possible of our products, allowing you to pick and choose what you like. You can also make edits through Streamlabs, OBS Studio or Streamelements, for example with the “color correction” feature or adding your social handles.

In case you do want to make deeper edits, we do deliver the static source files, allowing you to completely customize the look to your liking!

Our Best-Sellers

Discover our most popular overlay packs that are guaranteed to impress

Speed Overlay Package

Inspired by stepping into a futuristic portal, the Speed Overlay Package is perfect for all streamers looking to give their stream a vibrant and colorful vibe.

The package includes everything you might need, from overlays and panels to banners and alerts. We’ve also made sure to make the package highly-customizable, delivering the source files for every file included in the package.

Futuristic Overlay Package

An overlay from the future, our Futuristic overlay package ins inspired by a techy and fresh vibe. This would be the perfect overlay package for all streamers looking to give their channel more of a high-tech look.

This is a free Twitch overlay package and includes everything you need to elevate your channel’s graphics. Webcam frames, intermission screens, banners, profile art, panels and even alerts. The good stuff doesn’t end here. Looking to change the color or customize the text? We’ve got you. This package includes all source files, giving you free reign over the customization of the package.

Arcade Overlay Package

Taken straight from an arcade hall, our free Arcade overlay package is inspired by the legendary Pac-Man game! This stream package is perfect for all creators looking to give their channel a fun, retro vibe that will keep viewers engaged.

Not only is the Arcade Stream Package free, but it is also one of our most comprehensive packages to date. It includes multiple versions of every element, whether that’s webcam overlays or intermission screens. The package also features matching panels and alerts for your channel. Doesn’t get much better than that, right?

Custom Design For Aspiring Streamers

Looking to truly invest in your stream? Check out our custom design solutions, where we design you something completely unique.

World class branding is no longer exclusive to the pros. We design full packages from scratch for hundreds of streamers each year. If you are ready to invest in your stream and want your own individual package, we’d love to hear from you!

Pricing starts at 800$.

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