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Animated Emotes

Premium Animated Emotes, Add a Splash of Playfulness to Your Twitch Channel!

Enhance Your Channel

Animated emotes on Twitch are a powerful tool for enhancing entertainment value, building a community, and standing out in a crowded streaming landscape.

Encourages Engagement

Animated emotes add a dynamic and eye-catching element to chat interactions that make them more visually appealing, potentially increasing viewer engagement.

Increases Discoverability

Animated emotes make conversations livelier and more entertaining, boosting interactivity within your chat and encourages longer viewing sessions, which can positively impact your streaming metrics and discoverability.


Animated emotes can set a channel apart from the competition, making the stream more memorable and unique, which can attract and retain viewers and subscribers.


Animated emotes allow your chat to express a wider range of emotions and reactions,  connecting you and your audience, increasing user engagement and fostering a loyal community.

Grab Attention with your Go-Live Notifications

During Twitchcon Las Vegas 2023, Twitch’s announcement allowing streamers to incorporate animated emotes into their “going live” notifications might seem like a small change but could make a big impact.

Animated emotes not only make the alert more eye-catching but also serve as a fun and personalized way for streamers to announce their broadcasts, setting a unique tone for the stream and could be used for brand identity for the channel.

By making “going live” notifications more visually appealing, Twitch is empowering content creators to stand out in the sea of notifications, increasing the likelihood that viewers will click and join the stream.

Doubling the Fun:
Twitch Expands Animated Emote Slots!

Twitchcon announcements brought even more exciting news to content creators and viewers alike; plans to double the number of available animated emote slots! With more slots at your disposal, you’ll have more flexibility to get creative with your stream, connect with your community, and enrich the overall viewer experience.

Uploading Your Subscriber Emotes

A quick breakdown of how to uploading process works.

Find Your Emote Settings

Head over to your creator dasboard and find viewer rewards on the left side bar. Proceed to click emotes. 

Manage Your Subscriber Emotes

On the top of the page you can see and manage your sub emotes. This is also where you’ll be able to upload them.

Upload Them

Click the upload new button and disable the auto-resize option. You can now manually upload each emote size.

The Creative Process

Get a behind-the-scenes look into how we produce amazing emote bundles.

Idea Is Born

We get an idea, either from one of of you guys or from our artists. The idea is researched to make sure there is demand.

You can submit an idea here.

Feedback Loop

Once designed, the bundle is shown to a small group of streamers for feedback.

We take all feedback into account and work on any possible changes.

Sketching & Designing

We have always valued quality over quantity, which is why everything is hand-sketched from scratch by our illustrators.

Published On Our Store

Once the art has been tested and approved, it is published on our store.

All emote packages on our store have been through this process.

Where Should We Send The Download Link?

You will receive an extra download link to your email.