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Valorant Twitch Badges
Valorant Twitch Badges
Valorant Twitch Badges
Valorant Twitch Badges
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Valorant Twitch Badges


Any Valorant players out there?

Introducing our Valorant badges, a beautiful 6-pack of sub badges inspired by the popular FPS game.  These Valorant badges can be used as either sub badges or bit badges, and come ready for upload to Twitch and YouTube.

The package includes 6 or more badges (check picture), ready for upload to Twitch and your other favorite platforms.

These badges come in 3 sizes (18 x 18px/ 36 x 36px / 72 x 72px) and can be used as both Twitch sub badges and bit badges.

The badges come with a personal license, which means you can use these on all your channels, but not redistribute, modify, resell or manipulate the products.

To upload your badges, head to your dashboard. Proceed by finding preferences, then partner or affiliate. Scroll down to subscriptions, and choose loyalty badges. You’ll be able to upload your badges here.

If you need help, please reach out to us via the live chat.

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