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Animated Twitch emote pack
Emotes from the Reaction Pack in light and dark mode
Bonus Yes button emote included
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Reaction Emotes 10-Pack


Essential expressive emotes that let your chat react in real-time to every epic, hilarious, or unexpected moment in your stream. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just getting started, these emotes are great for making your chat way more engaging and fun. From saying hi to expressing themselves during serious OMG or WTF moments, this pack’s got you covered.

Pack Includes:

  • Hi – Encourages viewers to engage in chat, kicking off a conversation with a cheerful greeting.
  • OMG – Captures that jaw-dropping moment when something truly unexpected happens.
  • WTF – For those head-scratching moments!
  • Rage – When everything seems to be falling apart, vent out that frustration!
  • This – Lets someone express “This is spot on!”, echoing agreement with the message above.
  • Nailed It – Celebrates someone absolutely crushing it (or not).
  • BRB – So viewers can let you know they’re AFK, but will be back in a flash.
  • Bonk – When someone says something so silly, you just want to bonk them on the head!
  • Smooth Brain – Lets chat call you out on your not-so-bright moments in a lighthearted, fun way.
  • Yes & No – Perfect way for chat to express approval or disapproval in a visually engaging way.

Compatible with all platforms

The instantly downloadable emotes come in 3 sizes (28px, 56px and 112px), ready for upload to your favourite platforms.

These emotes come in 3 sizes (28 x 28px / 56 x 56px / 112 x 112px) and are fully compatible with Twitch, Discord, YouTube and Facebook Gaming.

The emotes come with a personal license, which means you can use these on all your channels, but not redistribute, modify, resell or manipulate the products.

Each platform has a slightly different uploading process.

For Twitch, head over to your dashboard. Click viewer rewards, then emotes, and you’ll be able to upload them directly.

Make sure that auto-resize mode is off.

If you need help, please reach out to us via the live chat.

Where Should We Send The Download Link?

You will receive an extra download link to your email.