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Animated Hand Twitch Emotes
Hand emotes being used in Twitch chat
Bonus Twitch emote included in the pack
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Handy-Dandy Emotes 10-Pack


Actions speak louder than words with the Handy Dandy Emote Pack!

Tired of the same old facial expressions? Make your chat even more expressive with the Handy Dandy Emote Pack, featuring 10 expressive hand gestures in 3 diverse skin tones to choose from!

Pack Includes:

  • Thumbs Up Show your approval, agreement, or positivity with the classic thumbs-up!
  • Lighter – Channel the energy of a real concert right in chat. Allows chat to show love for the music.
  • Spray Bottle – Get playful, sassy, or disciplinary with a quick squirt from your virtual spray bottle.
  • Italian Hands – Conveying excitement, disbelief or frustration! This gesture can mean “What are you doing?” or “What’s going on?”
  • Mic Drop Use this emote to celebrate a brilliant idea or flawless execution.
  • Throwing Chancla (Shoe) – Need a sassy way to express your disapproval? Unleash the chancla fury, adding a touch of humor to chat!
  • Clapping Hands Applause, appreciation, and support are just a click away. Animated pack includes a bonus slow clap version.
  • Shame BellLet chat playfully shame you with a resounding bell ring.
  • Rock On – Chat can throw up their devil horns and jam out to your killer tunes! Comes with and without the sound wave bars in the background.
  • Touch Grass – Gentle reminder to take a break, go outside and touch some grass.

Compatible with all platforms

The instantly downloadable emotes come in 3 sizes (28px, 56px and 112px), ready for upload to your favourite platforms.

These emotes come in 3 sizes (28 x 28px / 56 x 56px / 112 x 112px) and are fully compatible with Twitch, Discord, YouTube and Facebook Gaming.

The emotes come with a personal license, which means you can use these on all your channels, but not redistribute, modify, resell or manipulate the products.

Each platform has a slightly different uploading process.

For Twitch, head over to your dashboard. Click viewer rewards, then emotes, and you’ll be able to upload them directly.

Make sure that auto-resize mode is off.

If you need help, please reach out to us via the live chat.

Where Should We Send The Download Link?

You will receive an extra download link to your email.