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What Are Webcam Overlays?

A webcam overlay is a border that sits around your webcam to give it that professional look.

A well-designed webcam overlay can truly help elevate the look of your stream, and in turn help you stand out from others.

Browse our 25+ free webcam overlays, both static and animated, and pick the one that suits your stream the best.

Optimized For Your Stream

Our free webcam frames are designed from scratch by expert graphic designers, and are tested thoroughly to ensure performance is not affected.

All of them work with all major streaming platforms, such as Streamlabs, OBS Studio, Streamelements, and more.

Check out the video on the right to see what an animated webcam overlay might look like while streaming.

Show Off Your Biggest Fans!

Each stream webcam overlay comes with a matching set of icons that can be used to take your webcam border to the next level.

Use the icons on the bottom border to shout out your biggest fans.

How Do I Upload Webcam Borders To My Twitch Stream?

A quick walk-through of how to properly upload your webcam overlays to OBS

Create A New Scene / Select Existing Scene

If you have already created a scene where you would like to add your webcam, please skip this step.

If you haven’t, please create a new scene.

Add Video Capture Device Source

Within the scene, click add new source and select video capture device. Make sure to select your webcam when prompted.

If you have already set up your cam, skip this step.

Add Image Source

Within the same scene, add a new source called image, browse and select the free webcam overlay you downloaded.

Adjust & Resize Your Webcam Overlay

Position the overlay on top of your webcam, and adjust the size to perfection. 

Different Types Of Facecam Overlays

Camera overlays come in multiple shapes and sizes. Which is your go-to?

Webcam Frame + Lower Bar

The ultimate webcam overlay. You can show off recent subs and donations, while still keeping that traditional webcam overlay feel.

Webcam Frame

The clean webcam overlay. This one is for those who prefer to keep things simple and minimal. Zero clutter, and still looks awesome.

Lower Bar

If you use a green screen and still want to rock a phenomenal overlay, a lower bar will be your best choice.

Do I Need A Webcam Overlay?

Well, technically you could stream without one. However, it is one of the easiest ways to spice up your stream and make you appear more professional.

All our static and animated webcam overlays are designed from scratch to look great in-stream. Why would you not use one? After all, they’re free.

With the fierce competition out there among streamers, there really isn’t room for neglecting how your stream looks. Check out our store to spice up your stream.

Static And Animated Webcam Overlays

What's the difference? Which one should you choose?


Static webcam frames are transparent PNG files (picture).


Animated webcam frames are transparent video files.

Which One Should I Go For?

We always recommend the animated webcam overlays, just because of the fact that they are superior when it comes to making your stream stand out from others. However, if you’re a beginner or still rocking an old PC with performance issues, the static option might be a better choice for you.

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