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Our free Twitch panel maker allows you to create free Twitch panels, within minutes.

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Browse our selection of 20+ free Twitch panel templates. Instant downloads.

Twitch Panel Ideas

Not sure which panels you need? Check out the most important Twitch panels.

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Twitch Panel Maker

The #1 rated Twitch panel maker in the industry. Create stunning panels within minutes.

Wood 2
Splash paint
Splash paint 2
Splash Blood
Dripping Slime
Dripping Paint
Dripping Metal
Dripping Liquid
Dripping Blood
Dots 2
Cat Footprints
Pop art
Liquid Rainbow
Liquid Ocean
Liquid Grey
Japanese Wave
Green Hexa
Gold Hexa
Gold Grid
Dot Pop Art
Dot Pop Art
Dot Rainbowt
Black Hexa
Border Gold
Triangle Gold
Gold Line
Purple Border
Purple Gold Border
Gold Border

Bright     Dark

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How Does It Work?

A quick breakdown of how to use our Twitch panel maker

Customise Your Background

Choose a background, customize your colors and add a cover to your panels. Fresh new designs are added monthly! 

Twitch Panel Background Examples

Choose An Icon / Image

Choose one of our icons or upload your own. Alternatively, you can upload your own logo, emote or other image to the panel.

Adding Twitch Panel Icons and Images

Add A Title

Browse our selection of amazing fonts and add a title. You can also add a subtitle to provide additional context.

Adding Texts To Custom Twitch Panels

Export Your Panel

Make sure everything is aligned properly and proceed to download your new panels!

Download Your Free Twitch Panels

How Do I Upload My Twitch Panels?

A step-by-step guide on how to upload your beautiful designs to your about me page

Step 1

Open your about me page ( and toggle the edit panels button.

Step 2

Create a new panel by clicking the plus button. Proceed by choosing “text/image” and uploading your own Twitch panel.

Step 3

Add text underneath the panel (if you want) and click the submit button. Your panel will upload and a preview will be shown.

Step 4

Toggle the edit panels button off and make sure that your panels have been added. Voila, you’re done!

Which Twitch Panels Do I Need As A Streamer?

A short walkthrough of the most essential panels for your profile

About (Me)

Introduce yourself and what the stream is about. Keep it short and fun.


Add a link from which people can donate and support your stream. Explain where the donations will be going.


Answer some of the most frequent questions you might receive. Don't overthink this one, you can update it as you go.

PC Specs

Viewers are very often interested in your specs. In bullet points, list your PC gear and specs.


Clarify your streaming schedule, so that potential viewers know when they can expect you.


If you have your own merch, link to your store! If you're thinking about selling merch, check out this amazing guide.


Explain why people should subscribe to you and what's in it for them.

Social Media

These are arguably the most important panels. Link out to your social media so your viewers can follow your journey.

Stream Rules

In order to prevent spam and inappropriate behaviour, make a list of rules for your stream.


Show your viewers what's on top of your wishlist! This can be set up through Amazon.

We recommend starting with the ideas above. As you grow, make sure to expand on your panels to provide your users with more relevant info.

If you would like to learn how to make your profile look outrageously good, check out our guide on the best Twitch panel size in 2021.

Different Types Of Stream Panels

Ever wondered why pro streamer's about me page always looks so amazing? This is the secret.

Tall Twitch Panels

Use tall panels to display things such as your stream rules, stream schedule and sub emotes.

Square Twitch Panels

Use square panels to show off your merch, sponsors or potential affiliate offers.

Standard Twitch Panels

Use standard panels as headings, to organize your about me page into multiple small sections.

There’s no rule stating that a Twitch panel has to be a horizontal rectangle.

In fact, most professional Twitch streamers utilize a wide array of different Twitch panel sizes to make their stream stand out.

Twitch Panel Examples

To get your creative juices flowing, here are some examples of nice panels!

Clean & Elegant Twitch Panels

If you like to keep it simple, go for a clean and elegant look.

The main benefit of simple Twitch panels is that they are easy to design, while still looking professional.

Logo-Based Twitch Panels

If you have a streamer logo, then it might be worth incorporating into your panels somehow!

You can import your logo to your panels with our panel maker.

Illustrative & Detailed Twitch Panels

Want something unique that wows your viewers? Illustrative panels are the way to go.

The only downside is that they aren’t easy to design.

Theme-Based Twitch Panels

If you have a general theme that your stream revolves around, try to incorporate that into your Twitch panels!

This also leads to coherent branding throughout your stream.

Panel Design Tips

A couple tips & tricks you might want to know about when using our free Twitch panel maker

Upload Your Own Image 

Do you have a streamer logo? Or possibly emotes? Adding your own images is a great way to make them more memorable and personalized.

Pro tip: Make sure your image is a transparent PNG for best results.

Stay consistent
Stay consistent with your fonts, colors and other assets to ensure your panels look clean & professional. No one wants to see a profile that looks like a circus (unless that’s your theme).
Use A Unique Font
Browse our font selection and pick one that fits the theme of your channel.
Add Some Effects
Add glow to your title and possibly a shadow to your icon! Make sure to utilize our effects to add some flair to your panels.

Do I Really Need To Be Using Twitch Panels?

Yes, you should be using Twitch panels. Your panels are often the first thing a viewer might see when landing on your profile.

As a streamer, you know how extremely competitive the industry is. You get one chance at making a good first impression.

By spending some time on your Twitch panels, you’ll be ahead of most other streamers who can’t be bothered.

We Hope You Enjoyed Our Free Twitch Panels!

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