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The Best Twitch Panel Size

In this guide, we will not only reveal the best Twitch panel size, but also how you can get amazing free custom panels for your stream.

The Best Twitch Panel Size In 2021

Alright, you have realized the importance of beautiful Twitch panels. Whether you’re designing panels for yourself, a friend, or a client, the question almost always remains: “What is the best Twitch panel size?


The bad news: Twitch panels can be quite complicated in terms of size, format, and design.


The good news: This guide will answer all your questions, within minutes. 


We have gathered the most recent information and can guarantee that this is the only guide you’ll ever need for Twitch panels. We will not only cover the best Twitch panel dimensions, but also the optimal file type and size. Most importantly, we’ll reveal how you can get outrageously beautiful panels for your stream, for free.


This guide will be kept up-to-date according to Twitch guidelines.


Ready? Let’s jump right in.

What's The Best Size For Twitch Panels?

In short, the best Twitch panel size is 320 pixels in width and 90 pixels in height (320 x 90px). This seems to be the sweet spot as far as sizing goes.

With that said, Twitch allows a height of up to 600px. This is where many tend to get confused, but don’t worry.

We will teach you exactly how you can use this to your advantage and stand out from the millions of streamers out there using cookie-cutter Twitch panels.

Twitch Panel Width

The ideal and required width of Twitch Panels is 320px wide. Twitch will automatically scale your panels to 320px in width.

If you have the wrong width, you’ll be facing distortion or squishing issues. This will leave your panels looking weird and unprofessional, which is
 something we want to avoid. 

Twitch Panel Height

For a standard Twitch panel, we recommend a height between 60 pixels to 100 pixels. However, keep in mind that the height can be up to 600px. 

This height range allows for a lot of creativity, and our goal will be to teach you exactly how you can use this to your advantage. Different panel sizes are something that almost all pros utilize, but we are yet to see smaller streamers jump on the trend.

Let’s jump into exactly how you can separate yourself from the competition with mediocre panels.

Different Sized Twitch Panels

Ever wondered why all pro streamers’ panels look so good? The answer is simple: They are not afraid to be creative with their Twitch panel dimensions!

You see, depending on the height of a panel, they will often have different purposes. It’s time we teach you how you can use this to your advantage.

Standard Twitch Panels

Standard panels are between 60px-100px in height and are by far the most common. We recommend you use these to organize your sections and break your profile up into readable chunks. 

We also recommend you create standard panels that are linked to your social media accounts. This can drive thousands of clicks and engagement to your accounts, without almost any effort on your part.

Tall Twitch Panels

Taller panels have been popular among established streamers for quite some time, but have only recently started gaining traction as a whole. They very often utilize the full 600px height and appear as vertical rectangles. 

Unlike the standard size, taller panels are mostly used to inform viewers on a variety of topics. For more established streamers, they are often used to list sponsors and other products endorsed by the streamer.

As a smaller streamer, here are a couple of ideas of how you can use them:

  • Show off your emotes & badges!

  • Display your channel rules

  • List your PC Specs

  • Show your stream schedule
Streamer NickMercs Twitch profile is a great example of how to utilize tall panels

Square Twitch Panels

Square panels are usually around 320px in height. These are quite rare, which means that adding them to your profile is a great way to spice things up. 

Use square panels to show off merch, a charity of your choice, or maybe even your Amazon wishlist!

Uniquely Shaped Panels

Remember, a panel doesn’t have to be a square or rectangle. If another shape fits your theme better, take advantage of that!

Twitch Panel Image Size

The largest allowed file size for Twitch panels is 2.9MB. Twitch will automatically compress anything over this size. The compression will most likely cause your panels to become blurry or distorted, so make sure your file size is below this limit.

The size limit may not seem very big, but panels usually pretty simple as far as design goes.

If you’re having issues staying below the file size limit, use a good quality compression tool such as CompressPNG to compress them before uploading.

Twitch Panel Image Format​

When it comes to the file format, some guides tell you to go for JPEG. We disagree.

You want them to look as crisp as possible, which is why PNG is the best image file type for Twitch panels.

Additionally, PNGs support transparency. This allows you to play around with the shape, such as having rounded corners or other shapes that match your branding. This is one of the best ways to differentiate your brand from the competitors.

Why You Can’t Afford To Have Mediocre Twitch Panels

Your panels are one of the first things that viewers see when they land on your profile. If you are a streamer, you know how extremely competitive the industry is. You only get one shot at making a good first impression, and if you don’t, that viewer won’t be coming back.

Impressive Twitch panels are a great way to introduce yourself to a new viewer/follower and let them know how they can support you. Make sure to briefly introduce yourself and what you stream.

When designing your panels, try to make sure they flow well with the rest of your stream branding. Use consistent colors throughout your branding and have fun with your panels! Panels are a way for you to express yourself and your creative side, even if you might think you don’t have one.

To help you come up with some ideas and get your creative juices flowing, here are some great examples and ideas!

Clean & Minimalistic

If you’re someone who likes to keep it clean & simple, definitely try to go for a sleek modern look. Pick a primary color that you want to see throughout your channel and incorporate it in your Twitch panels.

The main benefit of having clean panels is that they are easy to make, while still making your channel look very professional.

Minimalistic & clean panels we designed for CurseMind


If you want something that’s unique and wows viewers the moment they land on your profile, illustrative panels are a great idea. The only downside is that you will need to have some graphic design experience to make these.

Illustrative panels designed for BaldGameCrazy 


Do you have a personal logo that you like? Here’s an idea, incorporate the logo into some of your panels to strengthen the branding of your stream! 

Important note: Make sure not to go overboard with this! If you slap your logo on everything, it might end up looking quite cluttered and repetitive.

Panels designed for SpattWood


Do you have a general theme that is used throughout your stream? Maybe a Japanese vibe? What about a modern tech theme? 

If you have a theme that you want to be visible throughout your channel, the best thing you can do is to design panels that match the overall vibe and theme of the channel. 

Panels designed for Static that match the cloud theme used throughout the stream

How To Design Your Own Panels For Free

Twitch Panel Maker Design Tool

Now that you know all the ins and outs, the time to design your panels has officially come. Exciting, right?

To save you the headache of trying a bunch of complicated design tools out there, we here at GamingVisuals have created a free panel maker that you can use to design amazing panels within minutes.


Here’s a quick breakdown of how to use our tool:

Choose A Background

Browse our wide selection of backgrounds and choose one that aligns with the vibe of your stream. Make sure to pick a color that is consistent with the rest of your stream.

Choose An Icon / Upload Your Own

Browse our library of hundreds of icons that can be used, or simply upload your own.

Add A Title

Browse our library of fonts and write your title. The most common panel titles are: about me, donations, subscribe, chat rules. For more ideas, check out this guide.

Apply Finishing Touches & Export

Personalize and apply your magic. Click the export button, and the panel will automatically be downloaded in the ideal size.

Having custom panels that perfectly align with your Twitch overlays is something that all your viewers will notice immediately.

As you grow, you’ll start noticing more people clicking through to your social media channels and affiliate links, which is exactly what we want, right?

If you’re finding that making your panels is too difficult or time-consuming, you can always hire a pro! Simply reach out to us via live chat, and one of our design specialists will be there to help.

The Conclusion​

As we’re approaching the end of this guide, you should have all the tools in your arsenal to go out there and design some banger custom Twitch panels.

You know that the ideal Twitch panel size is 320px in width and 90px in height. You also know that the maximum file size is 2.9MB and that the superior image type is PNGs. Additionally, you understand the importance of having great panels and also how to utilize different Twitch panel dimensions to your advantage.

Making your own stream graphics isn’t always easy, but the chances of a new viewer clicking that follow button skyrocket when you invest a little time and effort into designing your own panels.

Pro Tip: use our free panel maker to design yourself awesome panels in under 60 seconds.

If you still find yourself struggling to come up with ideas, it might be worth considering leaving it to the pros! You can always commission our team here at GamingVisuals to take care of your branding.

Share your current panels with us in the chat if you would like some feedback! We’re always more than happy to help in any way we can.

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