50 Twitch Channel Point Reward Ideas

Improve engagement with your Twitch community with this list of some of the best channel point reward ideas.

Top 50 Twitch channel point ideas
  1. First: Encourage viewers to be in your stream right when you go live. Give a prize out to viewers with the most first in the month. Could be VIP, free sub, or maybe a game.
  2. I’m gonna be a regular: Give viewers a low channel point redeem to show they are enjoying the stream.
  3. Sound alerts: Allow viewers to play sound clips on your stream such as jump scares, wow, good job, or even clipped sound bites.
  4. Jump scare: Great for when you are playing a horror game. This is also a great incentive for a bits donation.
  5. Personalized greeting on stream: Viewers can get a graphic or sound bite that plays when they use a command or first talk in chat.
  6. Custom Sound Alert: Allow chat to pick out the next sound alert that should be added to the stream.
  7. Dad joke: Many bots such as NightBot can be set up on a chat command. Or Streamer.bot can be set up to tell a dad joke on a channel point redeem.
  8. Doodle or sketch: Make a quick drawing for your viewer based on their request or maybe their username.
  9. Personalized artwork: Gift chat some of your art. This would be a higher quality and more expensive version of the doodle or sketch redeem.
  10. Show off your art: Great for streamers in the Art or similar category. Allow your viewers to show off what art they are working on or recently finished.
  11. Meme review: Similar to show off your art but chat can show off something that made them laugh today.
  12. Put on a hat: Find some unique or silly hats. Then wear one when for a set amount of time or till a new hat is redeemed.
  13. Choose Streamer’s Outfit: Next stream is now a maid, Bob Ross or maybe a minion onesie stream.
  14. See the (cat/dog): Cat keeps walking in front of your webcam and teasing chat? Allow them to see them in all their cute glory.
  15. Treat for the (cat/dog): Chat get’s to see your pet with this reward as well but they might have to do a trick for chat as well to get that treat.
  16. Guide the raid: Allows chat to show some other streamers they enjoy and a great way to find new streamers to raid.
  17. Pick my next game: Chat gets to see you play one of their favorite games or torture you with something really challenging.
  18. Become a VIP: Viewer can become a VIP for a certain amount of time.
  19. VIP Roulette: Set aside a certain number of VIP slots. When this is redeemed the viewer gets a VIP slot but kicks out the VIP that had this reward the longest or maybe spin a wheel to see who goes.
  20. Free sub: Gift the viewer a sub for their channel points.
  21. Free merch: Offer some free merch to long time viewers.
  22. Choose a song to play: Allow chat to queue up songs or pick your next song. Just be aware this can get your VODs muted or possible DMCA claims depending on the music.
  23. Dance: Get up and show chat your dance moves.
  24. Pushups/Situps: Chat can get you into shape. Do 10 pushups on stream and get your heart rate up.
  25. Access to subscriber-only Discord channel: Give a viewer access to a special channel in your Discord for the month.
  26. Priority in queue: Allow viewers to use points to get priority in queue to join in playing with the streamer.
  27. 1v1, Duo or squad match with streamer: Let viewers save up their points to join you in your next game.
  28. Extend stream time: Chat just can’t get enough of you. Keep the stream going for another 30 minutes.
  29. Pick an accent: Good at doing different accents or impressions. Do a Kermit impression for the next 5 minutes.
  30. Voice changer: Turn on a voice changer for a few minutes.
  31. Streamer Q&A: Chat gets to ask you a question. Feel free to refund the channel points if it is something you don’t feel comfortable answering.
  32. Random Fact: Could be a random fact about yourself or maybe some other random fact you remember.
  33. Friend request: Add a viewer to your friends list for the game or system you play on.
  34. Name in-game character: Great way to get chat invested in your game by allowing them to name their own character. Could be used in games like The Sims, Pokémon or Cult of the Lamb.
  35. Digital/physical thank you card: Write a personalized thank you letter to your long standing viewers.
  36. Choose a game mode or map: Allow viewers to choose something about your next game.
  37. Eat a drop of hot sauce: Chat gets to see your reaction when you eat something super spicy.
  38. BeanBoozled: Pick a random jelly bean to eat. 50/50 chance that it could be something tasty or something disgusting.
  39. Custom Discord role: Reward viewers with their own unique Discord role or maybe just one that is a little better than the default role.
  40. Drop it: Discard your current weapon in game.
  41. Pick my skin: Allow viewers to pick your skin for the next match.
  42. Take a break: Streamer has to go take a short break. Or if you want a funnier option streamer has to go touch grass.
  43. Emote only chat: Enables emote-only mode in your chat. Encourage viewers to show off their favorite emotes.
  44. TTS: Allow chat to play Text-to-Speech on your stream. Be careful on this one as it can be used to troll your stream.
  45. IRL word ban: Ban streamer from saying a word for 5 minutes. Could also have a punishment for failing the challenge such as a small shot of pickle juice.
  46. Channel Points Exchange: Exchange channel points for other points point systems used by the streamer.
  47. Headpat: Usually used with V-Tuber models to show a head pat animation.
  48. Shoutout: Give your viewers some love. Allow them to request a shoutout.
  49. Suggest next emote: Having trouble coming up with emote ideas? Get feedback from your community and let them help you pick what emote comes next.
  50. 12-hour/community stream: Reward your community with a longer stream or one focused on community games. This could also be done as a community challenge as well.

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