How to Import Twitch overlay in OBS

Importing Twitch overlay into OBS made easy!
Step-by-step instructions to get your overlay up in minutes.

How to import an overlay in OBS

For this tutorial we are going to be using our Animated Sakura Twitch Overlay Package as an example.

We also have a separate guide for if you are using StreamLabs.

  1. Extract files from .ZIP
    • Windows: Right click .zip file and select ‘Extract All…’ and select where to extract the files.
    • Mac: Double click .zip file will extract the files to a new folder matching the zip files name.
  2. Click on Scene Collection >> Import
  3. Under Collection Path, click on the “…” button
  4. Select the .json file inside your stream package. For this example I would open “Cherry_Clossoms_OBS.json”
  5. Select the new scene collection that was imported.
  6. Scenes will automatically be setup and ready to go in your OBS!

You will still need setup alerts, webcam, audio and your gameplay or desktop capture.
We hope to have a guide for those soon.

Check out some of our premium overlays!

All of our premium overlays come with an import file so you can get up and running in minutes.