Earn Bonus Cash While You Sleep

The GamingVisuals Affiliate Program

Streaming is hard. Why not earn easy money while sharing your favorite products & tools?

The Benefits

Becoming affiliated with GamingVisuals has quite a few perks.

Earn Cash

Everytime someone clicks your link and buys a product, you earn up to 30% of the referred sale.

Fast payouts via PayPal. No monthly limits.

Freebies & Rewards

You’ll get free products, early access to test our products & tools, and much more.

Become part of our inner circle.

Marketing Help

Your very own affiliate portal where you can track sales and payouts. 

Additionally, you’ll get branded graphics to help with promotion.

Which Tier Will You Reach?

Climb up the tier ladder and claim your rewards.

Tier 1

Beginner. Anyone can apply to this tier.

  • 15% Commission
  • Affiliate Portal
  • Marketing Kit
  • First payout at $50

Tier 2

Pro. Meet earnings target (100$) to get promoted to tier 2.

  • 20% Commission
  • Affiliate Portal
  • Marketing Kit
  • Free Product

Tier 3

Expert. Meet earnings target (1000$) to get promoted to tier 3.

  • 25% Commission
  • Affiliate Portal
  • Marketing Kit
  • Free Products
  • GamingVisuals Merch

Tier 4

God-tier. Our exclusive partnership program. This tier is invite only.

  • 30% Commission
  • Affiliate Portal
  • Marketing Kit
  • Free Products
  • GamingVisuals Merch
  • Full Stream Rebrand
  • Sponsored Giveaways
  • and more…

How Does It Work?

Getting started as an affiliate is incredibly simple.

Sign Up

It takes just a few minutes to sign up to become an affiliate. You can sign up here. Please allow some time for us to approve your application.

Get Your Link

Copy your very own affiliate link and get access to our marketing kit.

Earn While You Sleep

Start sending traffic our way and get paid.

How Much Can I Earn?

Some rough numbers to explain how much you can typically expect to earn.


Small Streamer

A small streamer will typically make around one sale per day. Let’s assume the average order value is 15$ and the commission is 20%.

Monthly payout: 90$

Yearly payout: 1080$


Mid-Sized Creator

A mid-sized streamer / creator will typically make 3-5 sales per day. Let’s assume the average order value is 15$ and the commission is 25%.

Monthly payout: 450$

Yearly payout: 5400$


Established Blogger

An established blogger / creator with good traffic will typically make around 10 sales per day. Let’s assume the average order value is 15$ and the commision rate is 30%.

Monthly payout: 1350$

Yearly payout: 16200$

How To Maximize Your Earnings

A few tips & tricks to maximize your revenue as an affiliate.

Promote Us On Twitch & Social Media

Promote us where you produce content. Examples include through stream panels, chat, friend referrals, social media, etc…

Don’t spam, try to include your link naturally throughout your content.

Blog Posts & YouTube

Own a blog, a website or a YouTube channel? You’re sitting on a goldmine.

Include your affiliate link in your blog posts and / or YT descriptions.

Use Our Animated Lower Third

After being approved as an affiliate, you will receive access to our animated overlay which you can be looped every 30 min (for example) while you’re live!

Start Earning With Us Today!

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